What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic Japanese healing practice.  Receiving reiki energy rebalances and replenishes your internal ‘life force’ energy, promoting deep relaxation, stress relief, physical and emotional healing. 

Can Reiki Help You?                

You, or your children, can benefit from reiki, received either in a face to face session or remotely in the comfort of your own home, if you:

  • Are experiencing challenging life events or emotional upset
  • Are negatively impacted by past emotional upset/trauma
  • Suffer from tension, anxiety, stress, low mood or depression
  • Experience fears, doubts, a lack of self-esteem or low self-confidence that holds you back in life
  • Have an over-active mind and struggle to relax or sleep
  • Lead a busy life
  • Experience symptoms of an ongoing health condition
  • Are experiencing or recovering from illness, injury or surgery (remote/distance reiki can also be received during hospital stays)
  • Are nervous prior to a forthcoming event, eg. interview, exam, surgery

Babies and children can also receive distance reiki at home after bedtime while they sleep.

What Does Reiki Do?

Ill-health, emotional stress and the general ups and downs of life unbalance, block and deplete your internal ‘life force’ energy, and when this occurs you are no longer functioning at your best. 

During a session you feel deeply relaxed as you absorb the reiki energy, which your body then uses to unblock and rebalance its internal energy, promoting stress relief, emotional and physical healing. 

Reiki stimulates the release of negative emotions and limiting beliefs stored in your subconscious mind.  These are usually formed during childhood and adversely impact your adult life by causing issues such as low self-esteem/self-confidence, anxiety, anger management difficulties, a lack of healthy boundaries, people pleasing and ignoring your own needs.  If the underlying emotion is released and healed you may then experience changes that lead to a more positive and fulfilling life; the life you deserve.

Reiki encourages physical healing by accelerating the body’s natural healing abilities, assisting internal systems (eg. nervous, immune, and digestive systems) to function effectively, and releasing toxins.  Research shows that many physical health conditions originate from stress and emotional upset, so by stimulating emotional healing reiki is also helping to prevent future physical illness.

Reiki practitioners work with your body’s energy system and are, therefore, unable to diagnose physical illness, provide medical advice or prognosis.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

In a spa-like environment, you’ll lay fully clothed with eyes closed while I channel reiki energy into your body from my hands, placed either on or just above areas of your body.

Receiving reiki usually feels warm, but sometimes cool, tingling or like a slight pressure.  You may feel floaty, or see colours in your closed eye vision, and it’s not unusual to drift in and out of sleep.  Afterwards clients describe feeling peaceful, comforted and extremely relaxed, and often feel ‘lighter’ as their energy starts to flow freely again.  The release of supressed emotions can also feel like a physical heaviness leaving your body.

How many treatments will you need?

Benefits are usually felt after your first session and increase with further sessions, as healing is a process rather than an event. 

People’s personal, emotional and physical situations are complex and their healing response will be different, so requirements are individual to each client and are discussed at your first session.

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