Distance/Remote Reiki

As reiki is a form of energy it can be ‘sent’ to anyone, anywhere, any time.  You receive distance reiki in the comfort of your own home with appointments available 7 days a week, daytime and evening.  Distance reiki can be an unusual concept to understand so I offer one free session so you can try it.

Reiki promotes stress relief, deep relaxation, physical and emotional healing and could help:

  • Calm your busy mind
  • Improve emotional balance
  • Ease tension, stress and anxiety
  • Release painful emotions
  • Restore energy/vitality
  • Accelerate recovery following injury/surgery and reduce pain


You’ll receive guidance on preparing for your session, what to expect during your session and an aftercare leaflet, and following your session I’ll email you feedback.

Reiki isn’t just for adults and can be especially beneficial for children during illness or following injury/surgery.  Children require shorter sessions (prices are adjusted accordingly) and I recommend young children receive reiki after bedtime, while asleep.


30 minutes distance reiki – £18 (first session free)


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