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I teach traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho and my training lineage traces back to Dr Mikao Usui, the founder of reiki.  Anyone can learn reiki and following Level 1 you’ll have the ability to channel reiki for the rest of your life, even if you don’t practice regularly.

What an amazing Level 1 training course.  Caron you truly are where you should be – passing on your skills through this AMAZING reiki.  Thank you for being an amazing teacher, I’m so glad I found you.  On a professional note it doesn’t get better, Caron is extremely  knowledgeable and just a beautiful person.  R, Newark

All classes take place over a full day (9.30am – 5.00/5.30pm) for groups of up to 4 people, at either Chilwell, Nottingham or The Elephant Rooms, Draycott, Derby: www.elephantrooms.co.uk.  You’ll be provided with training manuals and the relevant certificate, and ongoing support is provided.

Please contact me for current dates or to join my waiting list as classes are held throughout the year.

Level 1 – £120

You’ll receive your first reiki attunement to enable you to practice reiki on yourself, friends and family and even your pets.  You’ll learn about reiki, the chakra system, preparing for and giving a reiki treatment, and will practice giving a treatment to yourself and others.  Level 1 also includes an additional 2 hour class the following month for further practice, sharing experiences and questions.

Level 2 – £150

Level 2 can be undertaken 3 months after Level 1.  You’ll receive your second attunement, learn about the reiki symbols and how to draw and uses them, and about ‘sending’ distance reiki.  You’ll practice using the symbols to treat each other and conduct a distance reiki session.  Upon completion of Level 2 you can practice reiki professionally and will be provided with relevant information and your training lineage.

Level 3(a) – £170 Reiki Master Healer/Practitioner

This Level can be  undertaken approximately 18 months after Level 2.   You’ll receive your third attunement and learn the Reiki Master symbol.  You’ll learn the three pillars of reiki, working more intuitively with reiki, advance healing techniques, using crystal grids, and will practice these new elements.

Level 3(b) – £250 Reiki Master Healer/Teacher

This Level enables you to teach reiki.  It can be undertaken at any time after completing Level 3(a) or the two can be undertaken at the same time over 2 days.  You’ll receive a further attunement, learn a second Master symbol, how to perform attunements (with plenty of practice) and the structure and content of reiki classes.

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