I had four treatments when I got divorced and straight away I slept better, was less emotional and more positive.  In one treatment I actually felt my sadness suddenly lift and felt really happy, I almost floated home.  I don’t know how it works but it does!

S, Toton

I visited Caron five times following emotional trauma, and session by session felt the inner pain leave me and my mind, body and spirit lighten.  I’ve released pain that had weighed heavily in my heart for so long.  Thank you Caron, you’re a lovely person.

T, Radford

I’ve definitely been more relaxed and less stressed since having reiki, and when Caron’s treating me, she can tell where I’ve got any problems or pain without me telling her.

Mrs C, Beeston

I’ve been suffering with painful fibromyalgia over the last three years and having reiki with Caron has helped manage the pain.  She is very professional and makes me feel extremely relaxed.  I would recommend reiki with Caron.

A, Beeston

Having never tried reiki before Caron has made my experience relaxing, calming and a great boost to my wellbeing, it’s amazing!

T, Chilwell

Reiki is so soothing and relaxing, I can’t recommend Caron highly enough

C, Chilwell

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